I'd Rather Not Say (lockealike) wrote,
I'd Rather Not Say


Mouth of the Architect - 7/12, Empty Bottle

It swelled to the surface and broke the skin
A growing storm, uncontrollable
You let it die in your arms
Our tears couldn't carry you
We watched you fall into the fire alone
Our hearts broke without you
Our hearts would have followed you


Sinking deeper
Drifting further
Fading away
Rise and fall, collapse and crawl to carry the weight of everything
Our heads hang low
So low
No one wished to settle here


Our hands withstood the aches of time to find the will to carry on
Stretch my skin across the sky let the light bleed through me


What was once held so close has decayed
All hope turned to dust
With tired eyes we've wept in defeat
Each step forward was lost
Then you were gone
We did nothing to deserve this


I cannot save you
There is nothing left inside of me
I will wash away into the sea
Drowning my lungs with your memory
Turn away from me
I will fail you


This truth has buried its fire
Deep into your kiss
Burning clean everything
My honor holds the ashes
As the light exposes the regret in my eyes
The sky embraces the flames
A phoenix reborn
Let it hold your heart
I will never leave your side
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