I'd Rather Not Say (lockealike) wrote,
I'd Rather Not Say

Thank you wikipedia

for pointing out that "Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, IL" by Sufjan Stevens is written in a 65/16 time signature. Now I'll never stop listening to it or thinking about it or counting it in my head.

I swear, in reading that one wikipedia article, I have turned severely OCD.
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June 16 2007, 22:53:52 UTC 10 years ago

Your Mom's OCD!!! Oooooooo!!!
Yes, my mother is OCD, and it caused me a lot of emotional anguish growing up. Now do you want to talk about my dad's abusive alcoholism?
Ah Sufjan, Some of the songs he recorded were in an old haunted church from what I read as well, Crazy guy.