I'd Rather Not Say (lockealike) wrote,
I'd Rather Not Say

least flattering movie synopsis ever

From the Netflix envelope insert of "The Fountain":

"A man travels through time in an epic struggle to save the woman he loves and to understand the mysteries of life in this sci-fi drama. In three parallel stories spanning a millennium, Tom (Hugh Jackman) searches for a legendary tree believed to grant eternal life in 16th-century Spain; tries to discover a cure for his wife's (Rachel Weisz) cancer as a present-day scientist; and traverses the universe as a 26th-century astronaut."

"Travels through time?" "Astronaut?" "Traverses the universe?" "The mysteries of life?" Sure, all of these things are technically accurate, but could they have made it sound a little less L. Ron Hubbard? I would never have rented this movie based on this synopsis. In fact, I'm thinking about quitting Netflix based on this synopsis.
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oh my goodness thank you.
Forget that buddy, that was a great movie. Get blockbust t otal access. I pay less then $20 a month and get unlimited new release movies. I just order crap movies from their online then take them in to the store and get anything I am in the mood to watch at that moment in time. Totaly worth it.....oh and to answer a comment you left me about 2 months ago...yes I was single but now I am not and dating a wonderful young lady. I won't go into detail cause I know how you hate "email like comments". I also know you hate people who don't spelll check, but I already gave you one things so have fun redaing this.

Love ya man,