I'd Rather Not Say (lockealike) wrote,
I'd Rather Not Say

complaining about my amazing job that i love

I need a break. I need a break about once month, I think.

I'm happy to work my ass off for a good cause, and Tree House is definitely that. And I'm happy to take work home with me so I can continue to work my ass off on my own time, particularly when the "work" I take home is in the form of adorable kittens -

(this is me showing off Nora's cuteness before I continue to rant)

- but if I'm going to do that, I'd like more than eight days' paid time off. Or I'd like more than $8.47 an hour. Or I'd at least like some occasional thanks for the extra effort.

My performance at work is starting to suffer on account of the fact that I never really get away from it. The old motivation - that silly "this is clearly my life's ambition" business - isn't quite enough for me lately. But I know that asking for a raise at a non-profit is a laughable, if not scornable, offense.

So, alas, I'm a victim of my own need to feel good about myself as a human. Which sucks. I'd have made a pretty good defense attorney.
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