I'd Rather Not Say (lockealike) wrote,
I'd Rather Not Say

Suspension Bridgetown

I basked for fifteen seconds
but the hole in the clouds was quick to close
and while usually I don't mind the cold
tonight the fog seeped in through your old red shirt now riddled with tiny holes

and I'm waiting
and I'm hungry
and I don't know what time it is 'cause the sun went down hours ago
and I'm hoping
you're not listening
but I'm hoping you'll hear me in the feedback of the microphone

oh it's been too long
it's been too quiet
it's been too uncomfortable
still sometimes I wish you were here
'cause it's so god damn beautiful

I disappeared for a while last year
changed my address and my passwords and my mind
and I washed up on a hardwood floor
with a five-year plan full of question marks and a wristwatch full of time

and I'm shaking
and I'm dizzy
and the seconds ticking sound just like your heartbeat through your stethoscope
and i'm wondering
how many times a day
our hearts beat perfectly in time, two deeply flawed interstate metronomes

oh it's been too long
you've been too quiet
and I'm way too uncomfortable
still here I am and there you went
what makes you so god damn wonderful?

and I'm sorry
and I'm grateful
and I cringe each time I think about the time you spent alone
and I'm hoping
you're still happy
but secretly I hope that I am still your secret hope

Oh it's been so long
The night's too quiet
and this town is so uncomfortable
and even if we'd tried to make things right
it would take a god damn miracle
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